经典爱情诗句现代诗_经典爱情诗句英文 有一种缘分叫钟情

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People who really love me will never leave me. He has a thousand reasons to give up, but he will always find a reason to stick to it.


And after two should be the same, most are very clear in the blame on.


Don"t waste new tears for old grief.


Judging whether a person loves you is not to show off how good the other person can be at the beginning, but how long the person is willing to walk with you.


You give me a drop of tears, and I see all the ocean in your heart.


The broken heart, I moved the sky moved to be touched you.


Like the stars of night, for whom the Luli midnight.


After leaving, I think you don"t forget one thing: don"t forget to miss me. When you miss me, don"t forget that I"m thinking of you too.


Born as summer flowers, who will subscribe to my sorrow. The future you say is a landscape I can"t touch. I leave all who is as boundless as the sea and sky.


Pengshan this to no way to look at attentively.


Blue curtains, glass like hearts, transparent to you, but easy to be sad.


Since the loss of love, it is necessary to die, the broken line of kite is impossible to come back.


I love you not because of who you are, but because of what I like when I am with you.


It also has a candle, to till dawn.


I know that the beauty of the total will not, and will not stop for whom. So, I hung up my love and sadness on the wall and sold it.


Love, need time; love, also need honesty; love, also need language to express.


Hospitality mail parting words, two swear words in the heart knows.


One day I will walk away silently from you without any sound. I missed a lot. I"m always sad.


Spring a young heart, I hate leisure.


Miss a person"s taste, as it is to drink a cup of cold water, then drop into tears.


No not heartless things, into a joke.


The tears of the gentleman, the tears of my concubine. The belt is not formed with the same heart.


Never frown, even when you are sad, because you don"t know who is falling in love with your smile.


If the stone will cry if I want to be a star on the stone in your heart cry, at least, still can feel your temperature.


The promise is often like a butterfly, a beautiful place to spin and not see.


Time does not stop for who, it always slipped away from us inadvertently.


Love is the fate, love is moved, love is habit, love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is considerate, love is the promise of life.


Memory makes people cry, memories make people heartbroken, feelings make people tired, and you always let me sink.


Cai Feng Shuangfei body without wings, heart to heart.


True love of a person, it is necessary to make him happy, he is happy, you will be happy, then the two sides will have passion.


I can forget a name, a voice, but I can"t forget a feeling and forget a person.


Broken, tied, try to let go, walk and do not walk, stay and not stay, I do not want to understand.


Love is one hundred years of solitude, until I meet the commitment to protect your people, that moment, all the bitter loneliness, all the way back.


I never love to let others see my tears, I would rather let others feel happy heart, to make themselves look wronged the poor.


How to let you meet me at my most beautiful moment. For this, I beseeched the Buddha for five hundred years, we asked him to build a very good friendship.


Love is a plate of sand, gentle to a home; love is a cup of wine, sweet and beautiful.


Please cherish the people who love you silently around you. Maybe one day when he really left. You"ll find that you can"t leave each other, it"s you, not him.


I owe you in the last life, and I have come back in this life; you owe me in this life, and I will return to me in the next life. This is the most arrogant love declaration I"ve ever heard.


I have all bravely taken over, the joy of love, so happy, even if little thought, pain of love, despite the pain, but often a little more harvest.


Some very expected life is always worn out in your self righteous dream, and then gives you a very disappointing blow.


When I think of you, you will just think of me.


There are countless stars in the sky, but I have only you in my eyes. The heart can not bear the two person, forever love you forever.


Love can not love each other, love but not love. We can not live in love and love each other.


Knowing that you don"t have me in your heart, you will never be able to do what you want, but I can"t help you to see the most real me and hide the injured me.


There is a kind of fate called love, there is a feeling called once, one kind of ending is destined, there is a kind of heart pain called endless.


In fact, I have been standing behind you, but when you turn around, I squatted down, and the distance between the breath, you can not see me.


Love is never a simple little thing, you have to stand out of love, stand up and stand to wait.


Yan garden flowers reflect the original dream in your heart with the night of tears.