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2017每月每日英语励志心语简短一句话大全     有你,有梦,有世界!     Have you, a dream, you have the world!     逍遥一世,有何不妥?     Free and unfettered life time, what's wrong?     一份耕耘,一份收获。     No pains, a harvest.     不要向你的梦想妥协!     Don't want to compromise your dream!     人有绝交,才有至交。     People have a dear John, to have friends.     未来与你,我选未来。     The future with you, I choose the future.     绳锯木断,水滴石穿。     Constant hankering helps us, little strokes fell great oaks.     脚步不停,初心不变。     Footsteps, beginner's mind.     亡羊补牢,为时未晚。     Is not too late.     相信自己,一定能成功。     Believe in yourself, can make it.     人,最大的敌人是自己。     People, the biggest enemy is yourself.     我会累,但习惯了坚强。     I'm tired, but used to the strong.     青春不言输爱拼才会赢。     Youth is not lose love spell will win.     放弃,不是生命的绝对。     Give up, not the lives of the absolute.     人之所以能,是相信能。     Can, is that the people can believe that.     忍得了痛,才享得了福。     Tolerate the pain, to enjoy well.     人生苦短,应及时行乐。     Life is too short, carpe diem.     别往脑里记,别往心里去。     Don't remember in the brain, don't take it to heart.     能说不能做,不是真智慧。     Can say not to do, is not true wisdom.     人生没有一条路是白走的。     A life without a road is white.     你不勇敢,没人替你坚强。     You don't brave, no one strong for you.     有努力就会成功!     Efforts will be successful!     人活着就要快乐。     People alive will be happy.     就算再累也要扯起一抹微笑。     Even if again tired, also want to pull up a smile.     失败乃成功之母。     Failure is the mother of success.     放弃也是一种解脱。     Give up is a relief.     相信自己,你能行!     Believe in yourself, you can do it!     不断奔跑才是人生。     Running is the life.     我的青春由我操纵。     I control my youth.     过程用心,结果随缘。     Process with your heart, as a result, fate.     眼要看远,脚要近迈。     Eye to see far, feet closer to exceed.     这个世界,没有偶然。     This world, there is no accident.     两粒种子,一片森林。     Two seed, a forest.     相信自己,比谁都棒。     Believe in yourself, than who are great.     一分辛劳,一分收获。     A hard, no pain, no gain.     师傅领进门,学艺在自身。     The teacher led the door, who in their own.     轻的心,做一个简单的人。     Light heart, do a simple people.     我很平凡,但我独一无二。     I am very ordinary, but I am unique.     累了就睡觉,醒来就微笑。     Tired to sleep, wake up just smile.     不过一条狗,姑娘你拿走。     But a dog, the girl you take away.     一样的人,不一样的人生。     The same people, different life.     时间划破的伤疤叫做成长。     Time to cut scar is called growth.     前方无绝路,希望在转角。     Ahead without difficulty, hope in the corner.     惹我光头强,揍你没商量。     Get my strong baldheaded, hit you graffiti.     你可以骄傲、但不要嚣张。     You can be proud, but not arrogant.     不吃饭则饥,不读书则愚。     Don't eat is hungry, you're reading.     群处守住嘴,独处守住心。     Group of place keep shut up, alone keep heart.     没实力的愤怒,毫无意义。     the strength of anger, make no sense.     苦想没盼头,苦干有奔头。     Bitter think no hope, hard work look forward.     少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。     A young don't work hard, idle young, needy old.     彩虹风雨后,成功细节中。     The rainbow after the rain, the success in details.     从哪里跌倒,从哪里爬起。     Where to fall, climb up from.     且坐且停留,且忘且珍惜。     And sit and stay, and forget to cherish.     爱并不复杂,复杂的是人。     Love is not complicated, complex is a person.     爱就要争取,忘就要彻底。     Love will fight for, will be completely forgotten.     时代姐妹花,永远不分家。     Times sisters flower, never separation.     今天为明天留下一个昨天。     Leave a yesterday today for tomorrow.     女人不花,何来的貌美如花。     A woman not to spend, no beautiful.     生活就是:生出来、活下去。     Life is born, live.     学习是苦根上长出来的甜果。     Learning is a bitter root, but grow out of sweet fruit.     不要输掉自己不要败给别人。     Don't lose yourself don't defeat to others.     我不是靠活着的惯性活着的!     I am not on inertial alive alive!     只要路是对的,就不怕路远。     As long as the road is right, is not afraid of road far.     我不颓废我只想好好的生活。     I'm not decadent I just want a good life.     成功永远属于一直在跑的人。     Success always belongs to those who have been running.     忍耐力较诸脑力,尤胜一筹。     Tolerance is the mental, YouSheng.     漫漫人生路,总会错几步。     The long life and is always wrong steps.     不求而得,往往求而不得。     Don't beg for, not often.     世上无难事,只要肯登攀。     Nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it.     只要功夫深,铁棒磨成针。     As long as kung fu deep, iron stick ground into a needle.     不要让你的梦想沦为空想。     Don't let your dream a dream.     前路未可知,梦想今犹在。     The road ahead unclear, dream today.     断了过去让明天好好继续。     Broken in the past, let tomorrow to continue.     一直被模仿,从来不收钱。     Has been copied, never accept money.     让未来过去,让过去过去。     Let the future in the past, let the past pass.     先整理好心情,再处理事情。     Tidy up the mood, and then deal with things.     简单的做人,不沉迷于幻想。     Simple life, don't indulge in fantasy.     相信自己,相信一切,加油!     Believe in yourself, believe everything, come on!     失败发生在彻底的放弃之后。     Failure occurred after completely give up.     不活在心里,那就活在当下。     Don't live in my heart, that is to live in the present moment.